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Health Aspects of Sewage Effluent Irrigation
Pollution Control Branch
The application of sewage effluent to land by irrigation is a novel concept in British Columbia. However, as the need to remove nutrient-rich discharges from surfaces waters in the Province increases, more attention is being given to the feasibility of effluent irrigation. In January, 1974, the Chief of the Projects and Research Division of the Pollution Control Branch initiated a study through the Associate Deputy Minister of Water Resources to evaluate the risks to public health associated with this practice. An inter-agency approach was required to assess and integrate the public health, agricultural and engineering aspects of effluent irrigation systems. This report represents the combined efforts of personnel from the Provincial Departments of Agriculture, Health and Water Resources and from the federal Department of Agriculture.
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Health Aspects of Sewage Effluent Irrigation Part 1
Health Aspects of Sewage Effluent Irrigation Part 2

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