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Predictive Ecosystem Mapping: User?s Guide
Cortex Consultants Inc.
The intended audience for the Predictive Ecosystem Mapping (PEM) User?s Guide is professionals who are planning to use an existing or planned PEM inventory for a particular application such as wildlife habitat interpretations or estimates of site productivity. The audience includes resource management planners, timber supply analysts, systems ecologists, and habitat specialists. The guide is intended to stand alone, as well as provide background reading material for the complementary workshop. It is not a technical reference for designing or carrying out a PEM inventory. The Vegetation Resources Inventory (VRI) is one of several resource inventories in British Columbia that are either new or are significantly altered from their predecessors. While the resource professionals involved in developing and implementing these inventories are intimately familiar with their scope and content, few others are. The purpose of the guidebook, then, is to provide resource managers and other users with the background knowledge required to understand, access and utilize the forest vegetation resource knowledge contained within the VRI. by Cortex Consultants Inc. and JMJ Holdings Inc.
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Vegetation Resources Inventory - User's Guide
Predictive Ecosystem Mapping - User's Guide

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