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A Field Guide for Identification and Interpretation of Ecosystems of the Northwest Portion of the Prince George Forest Region
MacKinnon, A.
This document has been replaced by Land Management Handbook 54. This field guide describes the ecosystems of the north-west portion of the Prince George Forest Region. The area covered by the guide extends from Williston Reservoir and the Rocky Mountain Trench north of it, in the east, to the Prince George/Prince Rupert Forest Region boundary in the west, and from the base of Williston Reservoir in the south to the Regional boundary again in the north. To the north and west, the units described in this guide continue beyond the regional boundaries. The area falls within the Rocky Mountain Trench (north), and the Cassiar and Omineca mountains physiographic regions (Holland 1976). The guide presents aids to the identification of described units, and management interpretations for each.
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Land Management Handbook 21 (complete document)
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