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Integrated Visual Design Plans for Pope & Talbot Ltd.: Summary Report
Linbir Holdings Ltd.
Ten (10) Scenic Areas were assessed and an IVD plan completed from each. The challenges of planning in these areas ranged from relatively simple, small, single pass recommendations to very complex, large, multi-pass proposals with advanced landscape design techniques required. In one case, Scenic Area 9 was not visible as indicated in the inventory. To best apply the information in these reports, one should have a strategic and long-term planning frame of mind. Significant field verification of stand and site conditions is required to manage within the spirit and intent of each report. A good example is the exclusion of roads in the landscapes, as the best placement of roads needs to consider the total chance harvest opportunities for areas both inside and outside of the scenic area polygon. Final road building and harvest planning should have a more detailed visual impact assessment completed for the area of interest that is current to the proposal. Many factors can significantly change the viewscape over time, such as the recent mountain pine beetle activities, wildfire, etc. Generally speaking, the reports have been written in the same order as the request for proposal listed them. To avoid duplication of visual landscape design concepts, strategies and tactics, the first IVD plan to encounter a unique issue discusses it in detail. Subsequent plans will make reference to it. submitted by Linbir Holdings Ltd.
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