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Fish Passage Charcoal FSR29km, Kettle FSR57km, Peachland FSR38km, Potlicker Rd 38km, Waterloo FSR82.5km
Dick, Glen A.
The 1900mm x 1000m existing elliptical corrugated metal pipe over It was inspected and determined to be 87% undersized for Q100 flows, and a full barrier to fish passage with a score of 42 on the Fish Passage Culvert Inspections (FPCIs) completed October, 2008 by Michelle Trumbley RPBio of Trumbley environmental Consulting Ltd.. This stream is an S3 providing habitat for Rainbow Trout. The tributary is not in a Community watershed.
Report Number
Statement of Construction Conformance_Charcoal FSR
Project Completion Abstract_ Charcoal Creek Forest Service Road 29 km
Project Completion Abstract_ Kettle Forest Service Road 57 km
Statement of Construction Conformance_ Kettle FSR
Satement of construction Conformance_ Peachland FSR
Project Completion Abstract_ Peachland FSR
Project Completion Abstract_ Potlick Road
Statement of construction conformance_ Potlicker road
Project Compeltion Abstract_ Winnefred Creek
Statement of Construction Conformance_Waterloo road

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