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Upper Fulton River and Harold Price Creek watersheds
Brookes, Dan
Silvicon Services Inc. was retained by Pacific Inland Resources Ltd. (a Division of West Fraser Mills, Ltd.) to carry out a Fish Passage-Culvert Inspection (FPCI) project within the Fulton River and Harold Price Creek Watersheds. In the Land Base Investment Rationale prepared by West Fraser Mills Ltd. for the Bulkley Management Unit and dated March 31, 2003, fish passage culvert inspections address several strategic resource management objectives that currently exist for the Bulkley TSA (more specifically, items 4 and 5 on page 3, items 4 and 5 Section 2 on page 4 and Strategy (4b) on page 7). Funding for this project was provided by the Forest Investment Account. submitted to Kent Coish, West Fraser Mills Ltd. ; submitted by Ralph Kossman and Dan Brookes, Silvicon Services Inc..
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Culvert Inspection Report - Upper Fulton River and Harold Price Creek
Culver Inspection Report - Babine River and Nilkitkwa River

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