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Guidelines for fire salvage, Kamloops TSA
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Strategic planning to address impacted forestland values and resources, with particular emphasis on the recovery of timber damaged in the 2003 fires. The report summarizes the accomplishments, emphasizes the successes, identifies opportunities and provides a severe disturbance strategy for future use. The Strategic Plan for expedited salvage of damaged timber was developed by representatives of Government Agencies (MOF, MWLAP, DFO), Forest Companies, First Nations Organizations, and Forestry and Environmental consulting firms. A broader base of experts and specialists were called upon to provide advice and guidance as required. The strategic planning objectives were: 1. Through high level collaboration, determine operational and administrative principles that provide strategic guidance to expedite salvage of damaged timber volumes 2. While managing for environmental aspects - Minimize any additional impact during salvage - Mitigate/address fire impact where possible during salvage. Key Logistics.
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Guidelines for Fire Salvage

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