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Development of the PrognosisBC growth and yield simulator in the southern and central BC: model validation
Forest Investment Account (FIA)
This report summarizes the results of a sensitivity analysis, conducted to help evaluate the performance of Version 3.0 of PrognosisBC, currently released for the Interior Douglas-fir (IDF) biogeoclimatic zone. Sensitivity analysis occupies a prominent place among forest model evaluation methods, since it facilitates assessing model behaviour under a broad range of conditions. The PrognosisBC growth and yield simulator has been calibrated for a number of biogeoclimatic (BEC) subzones in the southern interior of the province. The accuracy of growth and yield model projections affects the quality of forest management decisions. Thus, an integral part of model development is model validation, which aims at determining the degree to which the projections are an accurate representation of the real world. This report summarizes the results of a validation study intended to evaluate the performance of PrognosisBC in the Interior Douglas-Fir zone. A-A. Zumrawi, Peter Marshall, V.M. LeMay, S.O. Akindele, and P. Parysow.
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