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Project completion abstract for environmental maintenance projects (roads activity area): forests for tomorrow Cooper Creek road maintenance project 2006 timber agreement lands Kootenay Lake TSA, Southern Interior Region
Leesing, Joanne J.
The subject area of the road was inspected by Ken Haynes, MOF Engineering and the Recipient on May 25, 2006. Approximately 60 m of tension cracking was observed. Tension cracking was determined to be at least 1 year old, after consulting photos previously taken. There were minimal signs of surface water infiltrating the tension cracks, with little to no water in the ditchline or cutbank side of the road. Slopes are over 60%, with low consequence of failure and deposition to Highway 31 below. Hazard moderate prior to works, but with pullback as prescribed, risk will be reduced to low. Area is not located within a community watershed. Joanne J. Leesing.
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Project Completion Abstract
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