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Bavis Creek Bridge Demolition Plans
Forest Investment Account (FIA)
This Local Sediment and Drainage Management Plan (SDMP) has been developed on behalf of British Columbia Timber Sales (BCTS), for the Ministry of Forests. The plan was developed after site inspections with Mike Wright, B.SC. / R.P.BIO. This SDMP was prepared by Bruce Leicester for Bass Environmental and adheres to terms and conditions of the Environmental Management System (EMS). This report includes: - Schedule of work. This is required before works start. - SDMP and Work Plan must be onsite during construction activities. - General construction procedures to limit the potential for erosion and sediment production as well as control petroleum products on the project. - Site specific measures for the control of runoff and drainage as well as erosion control. - Measures to ensure acceptable water quality to the identified fish bearing streams and wetlands. - Commitment of onsite equipment. Management of sediment created as a result of the access road reconstruction and the total removal of the very old, log stringer bridge is required to protect fish, fish habitat, wildlife and wildlife habitat in and around the construction site. This management plan was developed to ensure that necessary measures are identified and implemented to protect the designated stream in the construction area. Implementation of the SDMP is the contractorsíŽ responsibility and will ensure that mitigation measures set out in the plans are adhered to, ensure silt from the access road reconstruction excavation and removal of the bridge and abutments does not enter the designated stream (Gracie Creek S1 fish stream). This SDMP covers the period April 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009. This plan will be updated as conditions warrant or as requested by the BCTS representative.
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