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Clayoquot Sound Amphibian Inventory 1998-1999
Beasley, Barbara
This document surveyed 148 wetlands within six watersheds of Clayoquot Sound from May to July, 1998 and documented the occurence of five species of aquatic-breeding amphibians: Northwestern Salamanders, Pacific Treefrogs, Red-legged Frogs, Roughskin Newts, and Western Toads. There are only a few wetlands at low elevations within the steep-sided valleys of Tofino Creek, Clayoquot River, and the small drainages on the northwest side of the Bedingfield Peninsula. Most ponds in these watersheds are on high elevation plateaus. In contrast, there are numerous wetlands and wetland complexes within the broad valley bottom of the Bulson watershed and the coastal flats of Flores Island. Northwestern Salamanders and Pacific Treefrogs were distributed fairly evenly across watersheds and elevations. Red-legged Frogs were most common at elevations below 500 m, where Roughskin Newts occured most often above 500 m. Western toads were very rare, occuring in only two wetlands that we surveyed; one in Tofino Creek and one in the Bedingfield Peninsula. We found no evidence of any one species excluding others from breeding ponds. In fact, Northwestern Salamanders, Roughskin Newts, and Pacific Treefrogs were more often together than alone. Red-legged Frogs were found in association with Pacififc treefrogs but occured randomly with respect to the other species. This article goes on to discuss the habitats of these amphibians, and the limitations of their surveys and observations.
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Clayoquot Sound Amphibian Inventory 1998-1999 - Part 1 of 2
Clayoquot Sound Amphibian Inventory 1998-1999 - Part 2 of 2

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