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Soils of the Gulf Islands: Volume 1 - Soils of Saltspring Island
Vliet, L. J. P. van
The aim of this detailed survey (and accompanying Map at the end of Part 2) is to provide soils information at a scale of 1:20 000 for local planning purposes for Salt Spring Island. It emphasizes the soil limitations that are important to residential development and agriculture. First, a description of the environment of the survey area is provided, including climate, vegetation, geology, physiography, and soil parent materials. Next, there is a survey and mapping procedures, and the soils, map units and their distribution and extent are described. The final part contains interpretations for residential development and agriculture. Typical profile descriptions and analytical data for the major soils on Saltspring Island are included in the Appendix. The soil map shows the distribution and extent of the soil map units. The map legend identifies each map unit by color and symbol. It gives the proportion of dominant, subdominant, or minor soil components, the origin and texture of the parent materials, the soil depth, the soil drainage, and the landscape characteristics for each map unit. The report and map are complementary; therefore, it is necessary to use both in order to fully understand the soils. The soil map with an extended legend has also been produced on a 1:20 000 orthophoto base, and may be viewed at the Map Library, Maps B.C., Ministry of Environment, Victoria, B.C.
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Soils of Gulf Islands: Vol 1 - SSI (Part 1of2)
Soils of Gulf Islands: Vol 1 - SSI (Part 2of2)

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