EMS Web Reporting Main Menu

Welcome to EMS Web Reporting(EMSWR). From here you can search and download data stored within the EMS database. Training documentation can be found here.
Information Retrieval
     Data Search & Download - Download and view analytical results as a csv file.
     Latest Result Summary - View a table of the most recent results from a monitoring location
     without having to download the data.
     Monitoring Location Search - Search for monitoring locations using a text based form
     or use the Surface Water Monitoring Sites Interactive Map.
     Previous Queries - View a list of completed and processing queries,
     select queries from the list to download results.
Custom Reports (as PDFs)
     Detailed Results Report - Generate a detailed report of all sampling at a specific
     monitoring location.
     Historical Statistics Report - Generate a statistical summary report of
     sample and analytical results.
     List of Generated Reports - View and download a list of previously generated reports.
EMS data is also available in the BC Data Catalogue.