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Gavia adamsii
Yellow-billed Loon

Scientific Name: Gavia adamsii
English Name: Yellow-billed Loon
Provincial Status Summary
Status: S2S3N
Date Status Assigned: January 26, 2009
Date Last Reviewed: March 05, 2015
Reasons: Widespread although scattered in interior, low abundance but numbers are increasing, no known threats.
Range Extent: FH = 20,000 to >2,500,000 square km
Range Extent Comments: Found during all seasons along the outer and inner coasts and scattered throughout the interior (Campbell et al 1990).
Occurrences & Population
Number of Occurrences: C = 21 - 80
Comments: Found along inner and outer coasts and scattered throughout the interior (Campbell et al 1990).
Number of Occurrences with Good Viability / Ecological Integrity: Rank Factor not assessed
Number of Occurrences Appropriately Protected & Managed: U = Unknown
Population Size: AC = 1 - 1,000 individuals
Comments: Uncommon migrant; rare summer visitant and rare winter vistiant along the coast. Very rare in interior (Campbell et al 1990).
Threats (to population, occurrences, or area affected)
Degree of Threat: Rank Factor not assessed
Comments: Oil spills.
Trend (in population, range, area occupied, and/or condition of occurrences)
Short-Term Trend: HI = Increase of >10%
Comments: Nonbreeding range has been extending southward in W North America (especially in the last 2 decades). Prior to 1924, it was on the hypothetical list (Brooks and Swarth 1925) but is now seen in small numbers along the coast throughout the year (Campbell et al 1990).
Long-Term Trend: Rank Factor not assessed
Other Factors
Intrinsic Vulnerability: Rank Factor not assessed
Environmental Specificity: Rank Factor not assessed
Other Rank Considerations:
Information Gaps
Research Needs:
Inventory Needs: Inventory throughout interior (except Southern Interior) and northern half of province to look for additional occurrences where it is assumed to be present as well.
Author: Westereng, L.K.
Date: January 20, 2000
Barr, J.F. 1997. COSEWIC Status report on the Yellow-billed Loon, Gavia adamsii. Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. 44pp.
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Campbell, R.W., N.K. Dawe, I.McT. Cowan, J.M. Cooper, G. Kaiser, and M.C.E. McNall. 1990. The Birds of British Columbia, Vol. 1. Nonpasserines: Introduction, Loons through Waterfowl. Royal B.C. Mus. in association with Environ. Can., Can. Wildl. Serv. 514pp.

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