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for Melospiza melodia (Song Sparrow)

Reports from BC Conservation Data Centre

BC Species Summary

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E-Fauna BC: Electronic Atlas of the Wildlife of British Columbia


Global Comprehensive Report (NatureServe Explorer)

Other Related References

Campbell, R.W., N.K. Dawe, I.McT.-Cowan, J.M. Cooper, G. Kaiser, A.C. Stewart, and M.C.E. McNall. 2001. The Birds of British Columbia, Vol. 4, Passerines: Wood-Warblers through Old World Sparrows. UBC Press, in cooperation with Environ. Can., Can. Wildl. Serv., and B.C. Minist. Environ., Lands and Parks, Wildl. Branch and Resour. Inventory Branch, and Royal B.C. Mus. 744pp.


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