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Erynnis propertius
Propertius Duskywing

Scientific Name: Erynnis propertius (Scudder and Burgess, 1870)
English Name: Propertius Duskywing
Classification / Taxonomy
Scientific Name - Concept Reference: Pelham, J. P. 2008. A catalogue of the butterflies of the United States and Canada with a complete bibliography of the descriptive and systematic literature. The Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera. Volume 40. 658 pp. Revised 14 February, 2012.
Classification Level: Species
Species Group: Invertebrate Animal
Species Code: LE-ERYPRO
Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family
Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Lepidoptera Hesperiidae
Conservation Status / Legal Designation
Global Status: G5 (Jul 2020)
Provincial Status: S2 (Jan 2020)
BC List: Red
Provincial FRPA list:   
Provincial Wildlife Act:
SARA Schedule:
General Status Canada: 6 - Not Assessed (2000)
Ecology & Life History
General Description:
Migration Characteristics:
(Global / Provincial)
    Local Migrant:
    Distant Migrant:
    Within Borders Migrant:
N /
N /
N /
na /
(Type / Subtype / Dependence)
Forest / Garry Oak Woodland / Obligate
Forest / Mixed Forest (deciduous/coniferous mix) / Obligate
Grassland/Shrub / Meadow / Obligate
Global Habitat Comments: Open oak or mixed woodlands with the foodplant oaks.
Food Habits: Herbivore:Immature
Nectarivore: Adult
Global Food Habits Comments: Caterpillar Hosts: Coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia), Garry oak (Q. garryana), and perhaps others (Prior et al. 2009). Adult Food: Flower nectar (Lotts and Naberhaus 2017).
Global Phenology:
Provincial Phenology:
(1st half of month/
2nd half of month)
Colonial Breeder: N
Length(cm)/width(cm)/Weight(g): / /
Elevation (m) (min / max): Global: 
Endemic: N
Global Range Comment: This species occurs from southern British Columbia, Canada, south through the Pacific slope of the US to Baja California Norte, Mexico (Lotts and Naberhaus 2017).
Authors / Contributors
Global Information Author: Young, B.
Last Updated: Jul 07, 2020
Provincial Information Author:
Last Updated:
References and Related Literature
Baron, N., and F. Backhouse. 1999. Rare Butterflies of Southeastern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. B.C. Minist. Environ., Lands and Parks, Wildl. Branch. 6pp.
Guppy, C.S., and J.H. Shepard. 2001. Butterflies of British Columbia. UBC Press in collaboration with Royal B.C. Mus. 414pp.
Lotts, K., and T. Naberhaus, coordinators. 2017. Butterflies and Moths of North America. Available online: (Version December 2018).

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