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Gulo gulo vancouverensis
Wolverine, vancouverensis subspecies

Scientific Name: Gulo gulo vancouverensis Goldman, 1935
English Name: Wolverine, vancouverensis subspecies
Classification / Taxonomy
Scientific Name - Concept Reference: Hall, E. R. 1981a. The Mammals of North America, second edition. Vols. I & II. John Wiley & Sons, New York, New York. 1181 pp.
Classification Level: Subspecies
Species Group: Vertebrate Animal
Species Code: M-GUGU-VA
Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family
Animalia Craniata Mammalia Carnivora Mustelidae
Conservation Status / Legal Designation
Global Status: G4TH (Apr 2016)
Provincial Status: SH (May 2017)
BC List: Red
Provincial FRPA list: Y (May 2004)  
Provincial Wildlife Act:
COSEWIC Status: Special Concern (May 2014)
SARA Schedule: 1  -  Special Concern (Jun 2018)
General Status Canada:
Ecology & Life History
General Description:
Migration Characteristics:
(Global / Provincial)
    Local Migrant:
    Distant Migrant:
    Within Borders Migrant:
N /
N /
N /
na /
(Type / Subtype / Dependence)
Alpine/Tundra / Alpine Grassland / Unknown
Alpine/Tundra / Alpine/Subalpine Meadow / Unknown
Forest / Conifer Forest - Dry / Facultative - frequent use
Forest / Conifer Forest - Mesic (average) / Facultative - frequent use
Forest / Conifer Forest - Moist/wet / Facultative - frequent use
Forest / Deciduous/Broadleaf Forest / Facultative - frequent use
Forest / Mixed Forest (deciduous/coniferous mix) / Facultative - frequent use
Grassland/Shrub / Grassland / Facultative - occasional use
Grassland/Shrub / Meadow / Facultative - frequent use
Grassland/Shrub / Shrub - Natural / Facultative - occasional use
Other Unique Habitats / Avalanche Track / Facultative - occasional use
Other Unique Habitats / Estuary / Facultative - occasional use
Rock/Sparsely Vegetated Rock / Cliff / Facultative - occasional use
Rock/Sparsely Vegetated Rock / Rock/Sparsely Vegetated Rock / Facultative - occasional use
Rock/Sparsely Vegetated Rock / Talus / Facultative - occasional use
Stream/River / Stream/River / Facultative - occasional use
Wetland / Bog / Facultative - occasional use
Wetland / Fen / Facultative - occasional use
Wetland / Marsh / Facultative - occasional use
Wetland / Swamp / Facultative - occasional use
Provincial Habitat Comments: Habitat keywords copied from species record.
Food Habits:
Global Food Habits Comments:
Global Phenology:
Provincial Phenology:
(1st half of month/
2nd half of month)
Colonial Breeder: N
Length(cm)/width(cm)/Weight(g): / /
Elevation (m) (min / max): Global: 
Endemic: Y
Global Range Comment: Restricted to Vancouver Island.
Authors / Contributors
Global Information Author:
Last Updated:
Provincial Information Author:
Last Updated:
References and Related Literature
British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection. 2004. Wolverine in Accounts and measures for managing identified wildlife. British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, Victoria, BC. 52pp.
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