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Melanoplus fasciatus
Huckleberry Spur-throat Grasshopper

Scientific Name: Melanoplus fasciatus (Walker, 1870)
English Name: Huckleberry Spur-throat Grasshopper
Classification / Taxonomy
Scientific Name - Concept Reference: Otte, D. 1994-1995. Orthoptera Species File, Volumes 1-5. The Orthopterists' Society and The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Classification Level: Species
Species Group: Invertebrate Animal
Species Code: OR-MELFAS
Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family
Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Orthoptera Acrididae
Conservation Status / Legal Designation
Global Status: G5 (Feb 2016)
Provincial Status: S5 (Mar 2015)
BC List: No Status
Provincial FRPA list:   
Provincial Wildlife Act:
SARA Schedule:
General Status Canada:
Ecology & Life History
General Description:
Migration Characteristics:
(Global / Provincial)
    Local Migrant:
    Distant Migrant:
    Within Borders Migrant:
N / N
N / N
N / N
na / N
(Type / Subtype / Dependence)
Global Habitat Comments: Low sandy oakwoods among low shrubbery and among sand dunes; abundant among huckleberry bushes, in clearings and edges of pitch-pine woods.
Food Habits:
Global Food Habits Comments:
Global Phenology:
Provincial Phenology:
(1st half of month/
2nd half of month)
Colonial Breeder: N
Length(cm)/width(cm)/Weight(g): / /
Elevation (m) (min / max): Global: 
Authors / Contributors
Global Information Author:
Last Updated:
Provincial Information Author:
Last Updated:
References and Related Literature
No references available

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