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Billing Summary Selection

Enter the selection criteria to view the Billing Summary.

You must explicitly specify at least one of Region/District of Harvest, File Type, Mgmt Unit Type, Forest File ID, or Timber Mark and either Region/District of Scale or Scale Site.

Required Field indicates a required field

Scale Type
Piece Scale Weight Scale

Required Field Please enter at least one date range  (up to 12 months)
From To
Billing Date Range (yyyymmdd)
Scale Date Range (yyyymmdd)

Region / District of Harvest
File Type
Mgmt Unit Type Mgmt Unit No
Forest File ID
Timber Mark

Region / District of Scale
Scale Site

Pop/Strat/Year (P, P/Y, P/S/Y)   (Weigh scale only)
Return Category:
Client Association Client No. Loc


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