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Report: MAPS - Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory of the Okanagan Valley: Vernon to Osoyoos

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The SEI Okanagan Valley project combines various SEI projects completed in the Okanagan Valley from Vernon to Osoyoos, and is presented here in mapped form to aid land use and conservation planning at multiple scales. Areas not mapped at the time of this project (Gaps Mapping) were completed in 2010 and are included with the maps for this project (see Index). A report compiling these projects is also available at

Author:  Caslys Consulting

Old Reference System:  none

Date Published:  Jul 2010

Report ID:  19582

Audience:  Government and Public

The Okanagan Valley SEI Maps project is comprised of a number of individual SEI projects: Bella Vista Goose Lake Range; Central Okanagan; City of Kelowna; Vernon Commonage; District of Lake Country; Joe Rich; TFL 15; Naramata; Coldstream Vernon; and the South Okanagan.) A report compiling these 10 projects is available at - For more information about the individual projects and the methods used to complete them, please search by project name in the EcoCat search page ( The Map project deliverables include 150 SEI maps at 1:10,000 scale on a Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) base. Maps are organized into Winzip files (.zip) named according to the mapsheet numbers where they occur. Please refer to the Map Index provided to determine your area of interest and to decide which zip file you require. The large variety of ecosystems in the Okanagan Valley provide for diverse habitat needs of many wildlife and plant species, including a remarkable number of at-risk plant and animal species. Many of these species have very restricted ranges, and some occur nowhere else in B.C. or Canada. A high proportion of these species rely on habitat found only in the at-risk and sensitive ecosystems of the valley. Some at-risk wildlife and plant species are associated with Sensitive Ecosystems, and are indicated on the map legends. Ecological goods and services provided by these sensitive ecosystems are also listed in the legends. PLEASE NOTE: Information on Species at Risk is included in the map legend to highlight the species habitat values of the sensitive ecosystems. These maps do not include the actual mapping of species locations. For information on species location mapping refer to the B.C. Conservation Data Centre Species and Ecosystem Explorer (

Report Type
  Terrestrial Information
  Terrestrial Information - Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM)
  Terrestrial Information - Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory (SEI)

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